Sick of Tripping Over Stumps?

You may need stump grinding in Billings, MT

Is your yard covered in unsightly stumps? Maybe your home's previous owners left them behind or you just never got around to removing them after your last tree removal. Either way, CM Tree Service and Removal can help. We offer thorough stump grinding services in Billings, Montana. Our team is widely experienced in removing tree stumps. We use a state-of-the-art machine to transform ugly stumps into useful wood chips. Your yard will look clean and orderly once we're finished.

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Don't let stumps ruin your landscaping plans

Don't let stumps ruin your landscaping plans

Trees add elegance and beauty to landscapes. Stumps, however, have the opposite effect. Maybe one of your trees fell and broke, or you've had an old tree removed. The remaining stumps could grow back or interrupt your landscaping efforts. You want to remove them as soon as possible, so you can add the flowers, grass or pathways you want in your yard.

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